Our research  and resource website links for:    Android ,    Robotics,     Semantic Web,    Animation,  Joint Wiki on course development,  Team Wiki on research collaboration (to be operational soon).

Student App Video links at : AndroidRobotics and  Semantic Web

Faculty Sites: Ravi Shankar

Useful Sites:

Android:  Google’s siteMotodev development environmentEclipse SDK download

Auto Code Generation: Eclipse Modeling Framework Vogella’s Tutorial

Concurrency: Concurrency Modeling text book’s resource center

Ethics: For socio-technical and ethical analysis in computing cases

Education IT: Sloan-Consortium’s Effective Practices site, Center for Learning and Performing Technologies, Moodle open source suite .

Fractals: Lindenmayer system, The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, Geogebra

Health IT: Health Level Seven International , American Medical Informatics Association .

Java: Free PDF book and Tools for Learning to Program with Robots, Stanford engineering everywhere, Object Oriented Programming (Stanford course)

K-12 Education:Technology Literacy Standards (developed by the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association),  National Science Education Standards (developed by the National Research Council), Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (developed by the National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics), Framework from K-!2 Science Education (developed by the National Research Council).

Open Source: Open Source Initiative , Eclipse , Moodle , EMF , SourceForgeArduino .

Robotics: Arduino

Semantic Web: Jena, Protege, Lucene, Lingpipe