DIS and Research Topics

Here is a list of topics that you may be interested in. Several students (undergraduate and graduate) in EE, CE, and CS have worked on them in the past. Their papers/blog postings are found at several FAU sites:  http://csi.fau.edu/  , http://csi.fau.edu/  , http://android.fau.edu/  , http://robotics.fau.edu/  , http://smartsystems.eng.fau.edu/ , and http://semanticweb.fau.edu/  .

If you are interested, you would register for 3 credits of DIS (directed independent study) which counts as a BS technical elective,  or 6 credits of research for MS thesis with me,  and work on the topic for one to two semesters.

The topic list is given here. More details are provided here.

1. Android App QOS Metrics

2. Embedded Android

3. Biomedical Signal Processing with TI’s DSP Board

4. Robotic Platform for Math Education and Multiplayer Games

5. Intelligent Web Technologies

6. Hydrology Modeling with EDA (Engineering Design Automation) Tools

7. Nonintrusive Monitoring of Lego EV3 Motion

8. Audio DSP Course Development with ARM and OMAP

9. MOODLE Learning Management System.

Contact Info: Dr. Shankar, shankar@fau.edu,  (561) 297-3470 , 513 EE