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2012 AMIA Conference (on health informatics)

AMIA (the American Medical Informatics Association) held its conference in Chicago in November 2012. It was a large conference attended by both physicians and academics interested in furthering the goals of the US health care legislation.

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2013 CIEC Conference (on industry-education collaborations)

The 2013 Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (CIEC) was held in Phoenix, AZ in February 2013. It brought together about 250 industry and academic representatives

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JAMIA ( Journal on health informatics)

March 2013 issue: It has general articles on (1) healthcare IT and economics (Payne et al.) ; (2) scope of informatics (Friedman); (3) impact of health IT certification and meaningful use; and research articles on (Vest et al.)   (4) … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing (for IT infrastructure support)

Two recent books cover this topic well, albeit from very different perspectives: The Little Book of Cloud Computing – 2013 Edition, by  L. Nielsen, and The Clout at Your Service, by J. Rosenberg and A. Mateos.

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